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Untitled by partingthewaves Adult

Aren’t we a sad bunch?! Grade A melodrama. Ed loves Colin. Who loves Thom. Who loves Jonny. Who should be falling hopelessly in love with Phil any day now, right?! Then I’ll seduce Phil and the circle will be complete. Sigh; we should get our own TV show.


Which era Thom?

Shaggy baby blonde Thom
Shaggy baby blonde Thom 16%
Schoolboy red-headed Thom
Schoolboy red-headed Thom 47%
Moody black-haired paranoia Thom
Moody black-haired paranoia Thom 7%
Art-mullet new millennium Thom
Art-mullet new millennium Thom 5%
Shaggy daddy-belly goggle-wearing Thom
Shaggy daddy-belly goggle-wearing Thom 20%
Willie Nelson hybrid Thom
Willie Nelson hybrid Thom 3%

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